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Beauty device – Radio frequency for skin lifting

The role of the RF beauty instrument is to use RF waves directly penetrate the skin, using the skin to form the impedance of the role of RF waves can also cause cell molecules to produce strong resonance rotation (10,000 times per second order of magnitude) to generate heat energy to achieve the purpose of collagen heating and fat cell heating, so that the bottom of the skin temperature rises instantly, the use of dermal stimulation will produce immediate collagen tightening and stimulation The principle of collagen regeneration.
The radiofrequency lift significantly improves the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes, diminishes the appearance of lines and other wrinkles, and lifts sagging faces and necks. Replenishes the cheeks, lips, neck, breasts and backs of the hands with the moisture they need.
Improves dull yellow skin, reduces wrinkles in various parts of the body, such as eye fishtails and facial lines, promotes cellular metabolism, stimulates collagen regeneration, rejuvenates skin and provides long-lasting moisturisation.


Post time: Oct-17-2022