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How Do Carbon Laser Peels Work?

DANYE Carbon laser peels

Carbon laser peels usually take place in your doctor’s office or at a medi-spa facility. Before do it, you should always make sure that the person performing the procedure is trained in administering it. Safe is very the first important thing.
A carbon laser peel typically involves the following steps.
Carbon lotion. Clean face with cream. Then apply carbon jel to face. First, your doctor will apply a dark-colored cream (carbon jel) with a high carbon content to your skin. The lotion is an exfoliating treatment that helps prepare the skin for the next steps. You will sit with it on your face for several minutes to let it dry. As the lotion dries, it bonds with dirt, oil, and other contaminants on the surface of your skin.
Warming laser. Depending on your skin type, your doctor may start with one type of laser to warm your skin. They’ll pass the laser over your face, which will heat the carbon in the lotion and cause it to absorb impurities on your skin.‌
Pulsed laser. The final step is a q switch nd yag laser that your doctor uses to break down the carbon. The laser destroys the carbon particles and any oil, dead skin cell, bacteria, or other impurities on your face. The heat from the process also signals a healing response in your skin. That stimulates collagen and elastin production to make your skin look firmer.
Because the carbon laser peel is a mild procedure, you won’t need any numbing cream before the treatment. You should be able to leave the doctor’s office or medi-spa right after it’s over.
It is very economic effective face deep skin rejuvenation way. Removing blackhead, improving oily skin, helping pore shrinking.

Post time: Oct-18-2022