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Types of radio frequency beauty instrument.


1, monopolar radio frequency: said positive and negative two levels did not act in the same interface. That is, one pole in your skin, the other pole even grounding wire, electromagnetic wave from the electrode energy is dispersion role in the skin, penetrate the body tissue depth is not controllable, more suitable for deep treatment, and need very professional control, and is not suitable for home use.
2, bipolar radio frequency: this is well understood, positive and negative two levels in the same interface role, that is, the two poles of contact are in the same skin surface layer. Between the two levels to produce numerous connected arc magnetic field lines to the skin under the extension, when the bipolar radio frequency effect on the skin, the magnetic field range is the role of the region.
The depth of the bipolar radio frequency is relatively single, and the shorter the distance between the two levels, that is, the closest to the epidermis of that part of the magnetic field energy intensity will be higher, it is easy to make the skin surface burns, so in the role of the same time, need to be constantly on the epidermis for cooling operation.
3, multi-pole radio frequency: it is because the bipolar radio frequency application to the home beauty instrument still has certain restrictions, each brand based on the principle of bipolar radio frequency to do different improvements, they are called the combination of bipolar radio frequency may be more appropriate.

Post time: Nov-22-2022