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Body shaping vacuum roller for face and body system

New body shaping machine adopts “Three-dimensional Negative Pressure Mechanical Stimulation” technology, which is a non-invasive vacuum negative pressure massage therapy. The principle is that through the bidirectional electric roller combined with vacuum negative pressure of the nursing head device, and the electric flap combined with vacuum negative pressure of the nursing head device, the skin tissue to carry out rolling, suction, kneading, clamping, bouncing and other mechanical aerobic exercise, skin tissue repeated rhythmic deep massage and mechanical stimulation. It also stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, promotes the proliferation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, makes the whole body skin firm, full and elastic, reduces the orange peel lines, wrinkles and improves the distribution of fat layer, restores the health and vitality of skin tissue, and shapes a slimmer, more contorted body and young skin.



1. The body handle is equipped with a 2.8-inch touch screen, which is easier to control and adjust.

2. No need to beautician laborious massage, simple operation is safe.

3. Frequency conversion negative pressure attraction: pure physical property has no damage to the skin, the best effect is the most in-depth

4. Two-way power roller: the contact surface is wider, the function area is larger, the function depth is deeper.

5. Personal exclusive collet: three-dimensional effect deep, intelligent infinitely variable speed stimulation depth is different.

6. Special shaping clothes: double the effect of sculpting parts, enhance comfort, and take into account personal privacy and health.


Facial Beauty and Anti-aging: Through facial operation head, it can revitalize human fibroblasts to generate collagen, elastic fibers, hyaluronic acid and other substances, and restore skin vitality;

Can solve the facial skin yellowish dull, contour is not clear, lack of elasticity, skin slack, wrinkles, double chin, and facial depression.

Slim body Shaping: For the decomposition of adipocytes, but also through the mobilization of α2 receptors and β receptors to suppress, decompose lipids, into muscle energy, reduce fat volume, to tighten the skin, shape effect. It can solve cellulite accumulation, body obesity, orange skin tissue, moisture edema and etc.

Physical therapy: Revitalize endothelial cells, expel excess water and harmful substances from the body, and rejuvenate the body, away from injuries and muscle aches caused by some sports or other reasons;

It can solve myofascial pain, muscle strain swelling, traumatic swelling and inflammation, muscle strain, muscle tissue fibrosis, lactic acid accumulation muscle acid swelling and other sub-health state.

Post time: Mar-25-2024