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Vanishing Laser Clinic expands operations in Alexandria, Virginia

May 4, 2021, Alexandria, Virginia (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Vanish Laser Clinic, the best cosmetic laser clinic in Alexandria, is now offering permanent hair loss, removing vascular lesions, removing pigmented lesions and using advanced MeDioStar diode laser treats acne. Founded in 2016, Vanish Laser Clinic is a professional laser tattoo removal clinic. After receiving a large number of requests for laser hair removal and other laser cosmetic procedures, Vanish Laser Clinic decided to expand its service range with the multifunctional MeDioStar laser.
“Since the establishment of Vanish Laser Clinic, we have made great progress,” said owner Pamela Hooper. “Over the years, I have received a lot of questions about other procedures, especially hair removal. No one has ever asked me if I plan to expand my practice time, but when I will start. As soon as I heard about MeDioStar and learned about its functions, I knew it was a perfect complement to my practice. From the first day, I hoped that there was a technology that could provide the same care and results as promised by the customer. Now, Vanish can use a powerful laser to treat excess hair, Age spots, spider webs, annoying acne, etc.”
Astanza MeDioStar is a powerful diode laser that can generate a unique combination of 810 nm and 940 nm wavelengths for optimal melanin and hemoglobin absorption. MeDioStar is trusted by leading physicians, dermatologists and medical spas around the world, and is known for being one of the fastest diode lasers on the market. Vanish Laser Clinic’s MeDioStar has three different mobile phones, including the industry-leading Monolith XL mobile phone with a spot size of 10 cm2, the Monolith M mobile phone with a spot size of 1.5 cm2 (for treating smaller areas) and the VAS for treating blood vessels Mobile phone disease.
Astanza sales representative Opal Taskila said: “Vanish Laser Clinic has always been committed to providing the best treatment and results in Alexandria and the greater DC metropolitan area.” Excited for continuous development. Vanish Laser Clinic customers can rest assured that they will use the most advanced technology on the market and will do their best to meet their aesthetic needs.”
When you make an appointment before May 31, 2020, Vanish Laser Clinic currently offers a package discount of US$2,600 for 6 whole body laser hair removal treatments.
Vanish Laser Clinic is a leading cosmetic clinic located in the center of Alexandria. Vanish Laser Clinic has been awarded Best of Alexandria by the Alexandria Award Program for three consecutive years. Their services include laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, SculpSure, pigmentation lesions, vascular lesion removal, skin rejuvenation and acne treatment.
To arrange a free consultation or learn more about Vanish Laser Clinic, please visit its website www.vanishlaserclinic.com or call (703) 379-4054. Vanish Laser Clinic is located at 3543 West Braddock Rd, Suite C5, Alexandria, VA 22303.
Astanza is a leader in the laser field for tattoo removal, hair removal and other aesthetic procedures. In addition to providing cutting-edge medical laser equipment such as Duality, Trinity, MeDioStar and DermaBlate systems, Astanza also provides its customers with a full set of training, marketing and business consulting services to succeed in this evolving field. Astanza is an award-winning company that has received numerous accolades from leading industry organizations such as MyFaceMyBody and Aesthetic Everything. They also proved to be “good places to work”.
Astanza Laser is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with customers in North America and Europe. For information about products, investors or news, please call (800) 364-9010, or visit https://astanzalaser.com/.

Post time: May-20-2021