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What can we do after laser treatment?

Laser beauty has now become an important means for women to care for the skin. It is widely used in skin treatment for acne scars, skin skin, melasma, and freckles.

The effect of laser treatment, in addition to some factors such as treatment parameters and individual differences, the effect also depends on whether the care before and after the laser is correct or not, so the corresponding care is very important.

After hair removal

(1) After hair removal, the hair removal site may produce slight redness, sensitive skin and heat or itching, and can use ice to reduce pain.

(2) Please avoid sun exposure after hair removal, and apply sunscreen lotion in the doctor to reduce sunlight.

(3) Pay attention to the hair removal parts do not scald with hot water and scrub hard.


After CO2 fractional laser treatment

(1) There is a burning sensation during treatment, which can be relieved by ice. The next day after treatment, there is a slight swelling of the skin and exudate. Do not dip the water at this time.

(2) Avoid sun exposure within a month after treatment.


Redness removal laser

(1) Local burning sensation after treatment, should be applied for 15 minutes.

(2) Local degree of skin edema will occur after the treatment, and even seepage scabs and small blisters will be avoided, and dipping should be avoided.

(3) Avoid sun exposure within February after treatment. Individual patients may have pigmentation, and they usually disappear themselves within a few months without special treatment.

Post time: Nov-23-2023