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Terahertz Foot Spa Massager Pemf Bioresonance Healthy Care physical therapy device

Short Description:

As a physical medical method, terahertz magnetic energy extracts raw waveforms that are easily resonant with human cells, and designs special amplification, output, and operation protection circuits without spatical radiation and electric shock.




  • Place of Origin: Guangzhou
  • Technology: Terahertz foot therapy
  • Application: home use, salon, physical therapy center, health care center, etc
  • Brand Name: Danye
  • Model Number: DY-FM02
  • advantage: make cells healthy, accelerate metabolism, health care, etc
  • Power intensity: Level 1- Level 20
  • Voltage: 110V/220V 50-60Hz
  • After sales service: Online technical support
  • Logo: Accept Customized Logo
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Language: Chinese, English
  • Screen dimension: 26*19.5*3cm
  • Machine size: 41*10*38cm
  • Packing size: 51*42*19.5cm
  • Product Detail

    foot massage heating

    Working Principle

    PEMF energy works on human body to heat skin which belongs to physical medicine treatment methods. As the energy oscillation waves continue to penetrate into the body from the soles of the feet, the body temperature increases rapidly. The metabolic channels of the meridians, blood vessels, cells, and internal organs are completely opened. Nutrients and oxygen are continuously transported to various parts of the body. Toxins and garbage are transported with sweat and urine. The fluid is expelled from the body, constantly replenishing bio-electric energy, fundamentally regulating the body's constitution and improving health.

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    Not available for the following people

    (1) People with fever and bleeding tendency, and people less than six months after surgery (such as women in menstrual period, with unhealed wounds, etc.).

    (2) Those with metal foreign objects in the body (pacemakers, bone and joint stents, etc.).

    (3) Patients with epilepsy, mental illness, heart disease, hemophilia, cerebral hemorrhage and stroke who have entered the recovery period within half a year.

    (4) Pregnant women, lactating women within one year, people with severe cardiopulmonary insufficiency, and patients with stage III diabetes.

    (5) People with weak constitution, heart failure and the elderly.

    (6) Minors should use it as appropriate. (Not for use by infants and children).

    Treatment guidelines

    1. It is recommended to drink 200ml warm water before use. The frequency of drinking water during treatment based on customer’s condition.

    2. According to customer’s physical condition and tolerance, increase and adjust the intensity from low to high.

    3. Pay attention to the customer with abnormal blood pressure and hypoglycemia.

    4. No blow off directly or no air-conditioner during treatment. Not to take a bath within one hour after treatment.

    5. Time principle: the using time is within 30 minutes, no more than twice a day, and the two interval should be more than 4 hours.


    1. Who need it?

    Office Worker, Middle-aged and Elderly People, Sub-Healthy People, etc.

    2. How is the feeling to treatment the RF PEMF foot massage machine? Will it hurt?

    The process is painless and non-invasive. You will feel the heat slowly rising from the soles of your feet to your legs. If Qi and blood are blocked, you will feel swelling and numbness in your ankles.

    3. How long will a course of treatment take?

    You can treat every day. Each time is 30 to 40 minutes. The initial use time should be within 30 minutes. Use it once or twice a day. The interval between two times should be more than 4 hours.

    4. Can I take a shower immediately after treatment?

    Do not blow the fan or air conditioner directly during use, and do not take a shower within 1 hour after treatment.

    5. What functions of RF PEMF foot massager machine?

    Expelling cold and dampness, clearing meridians, burning internal heat and fat, delaying aging, and improving immunity.


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