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Medical CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing system DY-CO2

Short Description:

Standard treatment heads: scanning head and surgical head; For different skin problems: skin tag removal, skin resurfacing, stretch marks reduction, spots removal, surgical scar and acne scar removal etc; Model: DY-CO2

Product Detail



CO2 laser treatment using sealedoff co2 laser, wavelength 10600nm, the output invisible infrared laser beam is characterized by small, high energy density. Laser beam output by the focusing mirror, the focal point of the target tissue can produce high temperature gasification,can be used for cutting,burning. Direct the laser beam,low energy density, can be the target tissue coagulation surgery.Co2 laser output of the laser transmission through optical arm,with a variety of headpiece, for a variety of surgery.
This machine adopts CO2 laser technology and precise control of the scan technology, using the CO2 laser’s heat penetrating action, in the guidance of the scan precise scanning, 0.12mm diameter thin minimally invasive aperture was formed by latticeshaped on the skin. Skin in the effect of the laser energy and heat, wrinkle or scar tissue was uniform gasified instantaneous and formed minimally invasive hole as the center of the microheating zone, so as to stimulate the skin synthesize a large number of new collagen tissue. and thus start the tissue repair, collagen rearrangement of a series of body's natural healing mechanisms. Fresh collagen random regenerate, make the treated area of skin becomes smooth, firm, elastic, pores shrink, wrinkle reduction , bags under the eyes disappear, the pigmentation disappear, superficial scar calm, skin texture and skin color gradually improved significantly.



1. Reduction and possible removal of fine lines and wrinkles
2. Reduction of age spots and blemishes, acne scares
3. Repair of sun damaged skin on the face, neck, shoulders and hands
4. Reduction of hyper-pigmentation (darker pigment or brown patches in the skin)
5. Improvement of deeper wrinkles, surgical scares, pores, birth mark and vascular lesions


Technical parameter

Model DY-CO2
Laser type Seale off CO2 laser
Wavelength 10.6microns, far-infrared laser
Operate panel 10.4 inch color LCD touch screen
Laser mode low-valance mode
Output power 0-30W. Cont adjustable
Focus spot diameter 0.4mm
Lens focal distance F=100mm
Delivery system 7-joint articulated arm
Working mode continuous, single pulse, repeat pulse and super pulse
Pulse duration 1-500MS
Input power 800VA
Environment 5-40℃
Relative humidity <80%
Scanner Range 20*20mm
Scanner Graphics Triangle/square/rectangle/diamond/round/line
Scanner density 0.2-2mm/dot
Cooling system closed loop circulating water
Power supply AC220V ±10% 50Hz
Machine size L45*W40*H115cm/183cm(include arms)
Net weight 37kg

Software screen:



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