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USA RF Tube CO2 LASER Vaginal Tightening System DY-VT

Short Description:

Use USA brand metal tube (RF tube); Medical high power 30W laser output, laser spot diameter D=0.12mm, Max.pulse width=120μs Standard configuration: vaginal head, scanning head and surgical head;

  • Model: DY-VT
  • Laser treatment heads: vaginal tightening head, scanning head, cutting head
  • Laser type: RF laser tube (imported from the USA)
  • Operate panel : 10.4 inch color LCD touch screen
  • Laser mode: super pulse RF laser
  • Laser spot diameter: D=0.12mm
  • Mono-pulse maximum pulse width: 120μs
  • Laser output power: 1-30w (adjustable)
  • Spots space: 0.2mm-2mm
  • Working mode: continual pulse, single pulse, super pulse, repeat pulse, ultra pulse
  • Scan range: 20mm-20mm
  • Power supply: AC110V/16A/60Hz, AC220V/8A/50Hz
  • Dimension: L45*W40*H115cm/183cm(include arms)
  • Net weight: 37kgs
  • Product Detail



    RF Tube CO2 laser combines two advanced technologies: co2 fractional laser and co2 vaginal tightening laser.
    CO2 Fractional Laser fires a laser beam which is split into numbers of microscopic beams, producing tiny dot or fractional treatment zones within the selected target area only. Therefore, the heat of laser only passes deeply through the fractional damaged area. This allows the skin to heal much faster than if the whole area was treated. During the skin self-resurfacing, a great amount of collagen is produced for skin rejuvenation, eventually the skin will look much healthier and younger.

    CO2 vaginal laser unitizes 10600nm laser, it concentrates pixel laser energy to heat the vaginal tissue inner layer, stimulating the collagen construction to reproduce of these proteins. after treatment, a complete remodeling of the vaginal tissue in addition to re-establishment of a firm ” young like” vaginal tissue with elastic, thick and long collagen fibers will last for a long period.



    1. Tightens the vagina and rejuvenates natural flexibility
    2. Vaginal remodeling pain free procedure with long-lasting result
    3. Improves vaginal dryness and stress urinary incontinence.
    4. Reduction and possible removal of fine lines and wrinkles
    5. Reduction of age spots and blemishes, acne scares
    6. Repair of sun damaged skin on the face, neck, shoulders and hands
    7. Reduction of hyper-pigmentation (darker pigment or brown patches in the skin)
    8. Improvement of deeper wrinkles, surgical scares, pores, birth mark and vascular lesions

    Standard treatment heads:

    Introduction (7)

    Cutting head

    Introduction (5)

    Scanning head

    Introduction (2)

    Vaginal tightening head

    Software screen:


    Treatment Effect



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