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Endosphere Inner Ball Roller Machine DY-R01

Short Description:

  • Product name: Inner ball roller machine
  • Model: DY-R01
  • Touch screen: 10.4 inch large LCD
  • Speed of large handle : 675rpm
  • Speed of small handle : 675rpm
  • Input voltage: AC110V/220V
  • Output power: 10-300W
  • Fuse: 5A
  • Machine size: 53*54*35cm
  • Product Detail



    Inner ball roller produces a vibration and pressure combination that performs in effect gives the skin a ‘workout’. This generates the drainage of fluids, the re-compacting of skin tissues, the removal of the “orange peel” effect from under the skin’s surface. It also helps microcirculation which can help reduce inflammation and improve in muscle tone. On the face it helps improve vascularisation which in turn supports the production of collagen and elastin. It increases oxygen delivery to help nourish and brighten tissue from within. It tones the muscles helping reduce eliminate the appearance of expression wrinkles, combat tissue sagging, and generally lift the complexion and facial structure.
    750 01
    750 02

    Vascular effect
    The balance between hydrostatic pressure and bulging pressure usually allows fluid and nutrients to flow from the arterial side, and fluid and catabolites to re-enter the venous side. The increase in hydrostatic pressure is due to the slowing down of venous outflow, which results in water stagnation in the extracellular fluid, forming edema inside the tissue matrix.
    Due to the special arrangement of the spheres, they are in a honeycomb shape, through pressure and lifting movements to obtain gradual tissue compression, achieving the effect of vascular exercise.

    The "compression microvibration" therapy allows us to balance the hydrostatic pressure of the veins by reversing the internal metabolism and hemodynamic exchange mechanism.

    750 03

    This activity has been scientifically confirmed by the thermal imaging evaluation on the right. This heat increase effect will
    lead to "increased skin perfusion and oxygenation, increased tissue metabolism, decomposition of fat aggregates and activation of the anti-inflammatory process of tissue changes. "To reduce and eliminate the pain caused by inflammation.


    Drainage effect

    Edema is the result of an imbalance between fluid supply and drainage, so water accumulates in the gaps of the organism. The increase in the volume of interstitial fluid leads to the number of stagnant tissues or serous cavities in the latter, which is relevant from a clinical point of view. The most obvious symptom of this condition is swelling, which is manifested as palpable and compressible swelling (pitting). Over time, the retention of toxic substances in the tissues will change the state of the interstitium . The direction of rotation of the sphere is opposite to the direction of application, which strengthens the activity of the lymphatic system and produces a pumping effect with the gradual movement of the liquid, thereby restoring and maintaining the stability of the blood vessels and the extracellular matrix. "Compression micro-vibration" therapy is a rhythmic pulsating compression effect, which can stimulate lymphedema, lipoedema and other typical interstitial stasis components, improve deep lymphatic drainage, and eliminate tissue edema and fluid stagnation. It does not cause any skin traction or suction. The use of "compression micro-vibration" therapy in the state of interstitial stasis is more effective than manual lymphatic drainage.
    Toning to relax muscles and relieve pain

    This mechanical rotation exerts rhythmic pulsating compression on the tissues, which in turn generates vibration stimulation, so that the stiff and sore deep muscles are fully soft and stretched, thereby eliminating pain and contractures. The non-invasive "compression micro-vibration" patented system is more special and in-depth than manual treatment. In addition, the compressed micro-vibration also relieves the simulated contraction action of facial muscles. Vascularization increases. Vascularization allows fibroblasts to naturally stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, making tired, dull or sagging skin tone. Rejuvenate and re-awaken your natural beauty. This treatment works deep in the skin, conditioning facial muscles, relaxing contracted muscles (expression lines), fighting tissue sagging and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
    Remodeling effect
    Due to the synergy between mechanical compression micro-vibration and infrared rays, it improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the tissues, breaks down fat aggregates and fibrous membranes, reduces cellulite, improves cellulite, makes them less hardened and makes the skin more Firm and smooth. Therefore, it can reduce blemishes and produce remodeling effects from the first few treatments. This activity is amplified by the response of the underlying muscle layer, which provides active resistance and strengthens the response action. In this way, it can also cover the 24 most ingrained cellulite types and the most serious conditions, such as changes in the adipose tissue of the chest or hip. These activities determine the local skin remodeling, which is conducive to the physiological reorganization of the tissues. Thanks to blood vessels, metabolism and purification activities, as well as remodeling the connected system.


     Clinical observations have shown that compression microvibration therapy is an effective treatment method for stimulating blood volume, increasing oxygenation, improving lymphatic drainage and improving microcirculation. This therapy is also an ideal method for treating venous stasis and eliminating toxins.



     1. Unique 360° intelligent rotating drum handle, continuous long-term operation mode, safe and stable.

    2. There is an LED display on the handle to display the time and speed, and an LED display light pole, which makes it easier to control and adjust the rotation direction and speed on the body handle.

    3. One-key switch between forward and reverse directions.

    4. The silicone ball is flexible and smooth, effortless, the rolling process is gentle and does not sting, the movement is soft and evenly pushed, massaged and lifted to achieve the best effect.

    5. No need for beautician laborious massage, simple and safe operation.


    Treats Cellulite: drainage system flush away excess fluids, toxins and fat
    Pain Relief: improve tissue oxygenation, circulation and lymphatics drainage
    Wrinkle Reducer: encourages the production of collagen and elastin with increased circulation
    Muscle Toning: the push-pull of the microvibration stimulates muscle tissue, which improves tone
    Tighten and Tone: perfect complementary to cryo slimming
    Lasting Results: long lasting results with an active, healthy lifestyle


    750 06



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